Prof. Saad Ahmed

Ahmadu Bello University Health Services (ABUHS) has the mandate to provide medical, preventive health and wellness services to its students, staff and their dependents, immediate community members, and some NHIS enrollees.

UHS consists of two broad sections viz: the clinical or medical section known as ABUMC( Sickbay) and the preventive/sanitation and environmental section. It is a NHIS accredited primary and secondary care facility provider that currently has the highest number of enrollees in the country Nigeria. It is a user-friendly outfit located opposite and also adjacent to the community market of the university.

Vision: Making our services to be accessible, available and affordable at a high standard not only to students and staff even the immediate community members would like to go personally and happily for their health needs. And to achieve and maintain a high standard of environmental sanitation and sustainability that should be exemplary to our future leaders trained in the University which should help them in promoting similar standard elsewhere, even in the village and towns where they will later work.

Mission: To respond to the health needs of students, staff, and dependents through health promotion, disease prevention, prompt curative and rehabilitative services supported by adequate referral services. To also achieve and sustain a high standard of environmental sanitation by providing educational services, inspections, surveillance, audits and enforcement activities in the area of food safety, drinking water quality, institutional/care facilities, personal services, sewage disposal, special events, recreational facilities, communicable disease control and other public health-related matters.

Opening Hours
Visiting Hours
Special Clinic Days
Surgical 2:00PM Monday/Thursday
ENT 2:00PM Monday
Mental Health 2:00PM Tuesday/Thursday
Heamatology 2:00PM Tuesday/Thursday
Tuberculosis/Leprosy 8:00AM Daily
Dermatology 2:00PM Tuesday
Scanning 1:00PM Tuesday/Friday
Medical Clinic 2:00PM/3:00PM Tuesday/Friday
Peadiatrics 12NOON - 2PM Monday/Wednesday
Ophthalmic 2:00PM Tuesday/Thursday
Child Spacing 10:00AM Thursday
Obstetrics & Gyneacology 12NOON Thursday